Kicking off With a New Marketing Agency

Chris Fowler | Thursday September 5, 2019

When it comes to hiring an agency, every onboarding is different. In order to make this process as effective and efficient as possible for everyone involved, we rely on a kickoff that’s designed to lay the foundation for a strong partnership from day one.

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The Common Elements in Every Good Piece of Marketing Collateral

Brittney Lane | Thursday November 2, 2017

While many businesses have a digital-first approach when it comes to marketing, there are still plenty of reasons to create physical marketing collateral like brochures, postcards or flyers. 

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The Four Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Brittney Lane | Thursday July 20, 2017

Small business owners who take charge of their marketing are the best. They're passionate and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to grow their business and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in an area that they may not have any formal training in – which can be both a good thing and a bad thing.  

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How Should Marketing Hand Leads Off to Sales?

Charlie Nadler | Thursday June 8, 2017

We’ve written about a general need for sales and marketing alignment in the past.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ditch Underperforming Marketing Tactics (Just Yet)

Brittney Lane | Thursday February 16, 2017

If you've ever felt like one of your marketing tactics was nothing but a waste of time, this article is for you. 

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What does your audience want? It’s not what you think.

Brittney Lane | Thursday October 27, 2016

Think back to the last time you were really excited to buy something. What was it that had you giddy with anticipation? A promise that your purchase will help you become a better, cooler version of yourself? A resolution to an ongoing problem? Something to make your life so much easier?

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Gendered Marketing: Reserved for the Lazy and Out of Touch

Brittney Lane | Thursday October 6, 2016

I’m not sure who decided salads were exclusively for laughing women or that steak was the manliest food that could ever meet your mouth, but I do know this: the perpetuation of gendered stereotypes in marketing is the result of lazy, out of touch work at best, and sexism at worst.

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Take Your CRM to the Next Level with…Google Maps?

Tyler Smith | Thursday September 8, 2016
Always find yourself on the go, traveling to meetings with prospects, leads and clients?

In Chicago, one client visit can easily eat up half of your day due to the city’s lovely traffic. While I don’t have a fix for the Chicago commute, I did recently learn of a way you can get more accomplished during your travels.

Google Maps.
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Employees Skeptical About Marketing? 3 Tips For Winning Internal Buy-In

Brittney Lane | Thursday May 19, 2016

A harsh reality facing business owners is that their employees aren't always as excited about new marketing efforts as they are.

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Why a Marketing Intern Can't Be the Entire Marketing Department

Jill Wilson | Thursday March 31, 2016

For many companies, hiring an intern to put marketing on the right course is a common last-ditch effort before biting the bullet and working with an agency.

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Beware the Overpromising Marketer

Charlie Nadler | Friday March 15, 2013

Businessman Hand

If you’ve been at the helm of a business as it launched its online presence in the past decade, you probably remember a period soon after launching where you started to feel pretty popular.

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Kill the Clutter

Charlie Nadler | Thursday August 16, 2012

Another way to think about the theme of this blog - using the fundamentals of marketing to solve seemingly complicated problems - is the idea of getting rid of marketing clutter.

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