Thursday April 5, 2012

3 Reasons Your Website Should Have a Blog

Clients frequently approach us about the value of having a blog. Many of them are interested because of how popular blogs seem to be, but are skeptical about the value it would bring for their company. We understand the skepticism, but the fact is that every business that has a website can benefit from a blog. Here are three reasons why:

1. Visibility

It doesn't matter whether or not you sell you products online - your business will be affected, positively or negatively, by its online presence. Even if you acquire customers almost exclusively through referrals, those customers will be using the internet for their due diligence. Because your online presence can control your customers' buying behavior, it's important for your business to control its online presence. By optimizing your website for search and social media traffic, you put yourself in a position to create and control the message that customers see.

A blog is a boon for both search engine optimization and social media. First, Google prefers and promotes websites that are updated frequently with new content, and there's no better or easier way to keep your website full of fresh, high-quality content than via blog. Secondly, blog content provides an easy way for your site to stock up on long-tail keyphrases, or very specific searches that are tangentially related to your site's typical targets, and traditionally provide a low volume of high quality prospects. Finally, a blog provides valuable ammunition for social media - that encourages your followers to click through to your site instead of just reading a post or tweet.

2. Clarity

The keys to successful website copy are brevity and digestibility. Studies show that typical web users skim pages more often than they read them, so a successful page must be concise.

However, sometimes there's more to say than what's optimal for your homepage or landing page. A blog gives you the flexibility to write about the nuances of your brand or pitch at greater length. Many serious prospects will take a deeper look at your message, and you have the opportunity to speak to them without convoluting the rest of the site for the ones that just want to find the contact form and convert.

3. Agility

These days, all types of information - good and bad - travels like wildfire. The barriers to entry for broadcasting knowledge have been reduced to nothing more than access to an internet-enabled device. With so many people saying so many things to so many others, your company's brand and position can be viewed in a different light at any moment - moreso than ever before.

The only way to fight the wave of public perception is to join it. A blog gives to a method to enter the conversation. It could be a reaction to a negative review or bad press about your industry, it could be an announcement of a new service in reaction to an external event, or simply a new thought about how to describe your value proposition. No matter what industry you're in, the ability to communicate with your audience in real time in an invaluable advantage, and there's no reason to believe that will change any time soon.

Creating a marketing plan for your business? A blog is a great first step. Why not let Simple Machines help you with the rest? Check out our Marketing Strategy services today!

Michael Holley
Simple Machines Marketing

Written by Michael Holley |

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