Using Facebook Ads to Find Your Audience

Scott Rogers | Thursday February 15, 2018

Nailing down your target audience can be a tricky task. Beyond just what industry your service or product is geared to, who specifically are you trying to talk to? For some businesses, it takes months or even years to feel fully answer this question.  

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Here’s How Our Agency Helps Clients with Different Marketing Budgets

Brittney Lane | Thursday February 1, 2018

The good news for small businesses looking to improve their marketing is that you don’t need a million dollars to work with a marketing agency (not this one, at least!). Yet we’ve noticed there can still be some haziness as to what kind of service you can expect from a marketing agency at your price point.

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Marketing and the Post-Launch Slump

Charlie Nadler | Thursday January 25, 2018

Post-Launch Slump

If you’ve worked with a marketing agency before, then there’s a phenomenon you may be familiar with.

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How to Hire a Commercial Photographer

Scott Rogers | Thursday January 18, 2018

Maybe you’re getting ready to launch a new website or unveil a new rebranding campaign. Maybe you’ve just taken a look at your product images and realized they’re painfully out of date. Whatever the reason, you need photography and you need it stat. 

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Here's What to Expect When Getting Started with HubSpot

Brittney Lane | Thursday January 11, 2018

We’re big fans of marketing automation. And what’s not to love? This technology allows us to run smarter and more powerful marketing campaigns that lead to faster, better results.

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Our Favorite Marketing Tips of 2017

Charlie Nadler | Thursday January 4, 2018

If you haven’t read the predictions for 2018 marketing articles, I’ll save you some time: this will finally be the year in which businesses and marketers must leverage AI-IoT-Chatbots-Machine-Learning-Video-Content-Big-Data-Blockchain (what I like to call AIIoTCMacLVC-BigDBChain for short).

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6 Steps to Meet Deadlines and Get Your Content Out the Door

Scott Rogers | Thursday December 28, 2017

We live in a world full of deadlines. When it comes to getting your marketing collateral out the door — whether it be blog posts, emails, direct mail pieces or something else entirely — any hitch in the development process can throw your project out of whack, leaving you to miss carefully plotted deadlines.

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Underperforming Lead Nurturing Workflow? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Charlie Nadler | Thursday December 21, 2017

Automation is one of the most powerful tools for accelerating marketing and sales efforts. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most powerful ways marketers can trip over themselves, annoy people, create embarrassment and damage brand value when misused.

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How to Make Influencer Marketing Work for Small Businesses

Scott Rogers | Thursday December 14, 2017

In a world full of marketing buzzwords, few terms are buzzier than “influencer marketing.” While not exactly a brand-new tactic, it has gained prominence in recent years as advertising on social media has become more popular.

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How to Audit Your 2017 Lead Gen Marketing for a Successful 2018

Brittney Lane | Thursday December 7, 2017

With a new year fast approaching, you’re probably already thinking about your 2018 marketing initiatives. Regardless of what ideas you already have or goals you’ve set, the best first step for ensuring your 2018 marketing is successful is to review the results of your 2017 marketing.

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How to Personalize Your Marketing for Greater Returns

Scott Rogers | Thursday November 30, 2017

Personalization is no longer the future of marketing. Now it’s more of a “today” kind of thing.

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Hiring? Think Like a Marketer to Improve Your Recruiting Campaign

Brittney Lane | Tuesday November 21, 2017

We recently helped one of our clients kick off a recruiting campaign after they landed a major new client that necessitated the hiring of 12 new employees in only two months (a great problem to have!).

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